Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Call

It will come for us someday
Not one escapes the Voice
Though now we laugh and dance and play
Upon life’s wintry grass
Within each heart the knowledge rests
That as we chase life’s endless quests
The gavel one day soon will fall
And we must answer to his call

The flickering star-light cannot boast
To know the day or hour
The waves that crash upon the coast
Do not contain the power
To tell us when that breath will be
That ends earth’s stay eternally
But it will happen to us all
When we get our final call

Will it be a soundless whisper
In the dead of night?
Will it be in bloody horror
Or sicknesses blest respite?
And if it comes will we be glad
To know that we had thus prepared
To answer as life’s petals fall
To our final curtain call

It need not be a fearful thing
This summons to appear
Before Creator, Judge and King
Who knows our every tear
If we have answered here below
Been cleansed within redemption’s flow
Then triumph waits as twilight falls
Upon this life as Jesus calls

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I read the classic poem The Call (Charlotte Mew)
it made me think of another kind of call,,,

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