Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chance to Fly

Oh, I would wander down the lane
Of childhood if I could
Oh, I would linger once again
Within the emerald wood
Where teddy bear and forget-me not
Would whisper in the wooded lot
As unsuccessfully I sought
Fulfillment to my dreams

I would go if given a chance
Back to the care-free sun
And in the evening shadows dance
In childhoods meadows run
And there within its dusty breath
I’d ponder things like heaven and earth
And give another new dream birth
And long for freedom's wings

Ah, freedoms wings have come at last
But still I cannot fly
For childhoods winsome dreams are past
My wings can’t reach the sky
But now and then my longing glance
Envisions childhoods carefree dance
And I know if I had the chance
I think I’d try to fly

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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