Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Summer Heart of Mine

How oft amidst the frigid gale
Of winters icy blast
I long to walk a fern-lined trail
Where summer shades are cast
I cannot still the restless voice
That scoffs this frosty line
Held a prisoner ‘gainst my choice
This summer heart of mine

I peer out through this snowy pane
Where trees so bare and tall
Creak, as if they too complain
As I inside these walls
Replaced by luscious summer greens
Their cold blue shadows lie
So listless on this frigid plain
Beneath a cold, blue sky

Oh to feel the gentle kiss
Of breezes as they play
Or revel in the balmy bliss
Of dawns fair summer day
But January’s ceaseless storm
Defies June’s warm sunshine
And I can find no comfort for
This summer heart of mine

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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