Monday, January 11, 2010

Tugs of Sorrow

I suppose we all prefer
If each of us were asked
A day that’s sunny, warm and fair
With soft and tender grass
And on those lawns our feet would dance
While laughter kissed the breeze
And if we could we’d take a chance
To bask beneath the trees

But would it really be as sweet
If we would never know
The pain of stones beneath our feet
Or cold and driving snow
Would we, if all were laughter
Appreciate tomorrow?
Or are we better after
Our little tugs of sorrow?

The tugs of disappointment
The tugs of battles lost
The little tugs of sorrow
When we cannot count the cost
The tugs upon the heart-strings
As loved ones say good-bye
The tugs of joy and anguish
As our children learn to ‘fly’

Oh, little tugs of sorrow
An aching, bitter-sweet
Though I would never borrow
Them; they make our life complete
So if a tear should fall upon
A cold and darkened furrow
Lord, teach me to appreciate
These little tugs of sorrow

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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