Saturday, January 9, 2010

Piece of Mind

Forgive me Janet,
For what I am about to say….
But its time someone told you
That the night and the day
Do not evolve around
Your universe
Your pen or your paper
Your house or your purse
Your wisdom or ignorance
Whatever you call it
Is merely an echo
Of much wiser scholars
And the sun does not rise
And set in your soul
You will survive
You are not in control
I thought that its time
Someone ought to remind you
Many have climbed
Before and behind you
And many more will
Each in there own style
So maybe you could
Lighten up once in a while
Let go of your fears
Your inhibitions
There’s no one down here
In any position
To throw a stone
At another man
So I’d like you to remember
If you can
There’s only one thing
We should do for each other
Love everyone
As if they were
Our brother.
Thank-you for listening,
I needed to get that off
My chest

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There is no fear in love,
but perfect love drives
out fear.....1 John 4:18
.....And He has given us a command:
Whoever loves God must love his brother. v.21

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