Thursday, January 28, 2010

And I Beheld.......

As hand in hand we climbed the hills
Far from the noise and daily spills
Into the silence of nature’s hush
Get-away from life’s ceaseless rush
As the whisper of beech, of elm and pine
Serenaded your heart and mine
I turned to get lost in your azure gaze
And I beheld the glimpse of another face….

We paused to view the fields below
A-wash with green and golden glow
The late day sun seemed to enhance
This canvas where the shadows dance
A splash of wordless paradise
Lay silently before our eyes
I softly kissed the hand I held
And suddenly another hand I beheld….

As the sun dropped low and out of sight
And its red glow faded to shades of night
As we drank in the scent of dust and dew
And the fields below disappeared from view
Still we stayed ‘neath this canopy
Of star and moon in a deep blue sea
In arms of love how pleasant this sod
And I beheld a glimpse of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How beautiful you are, my darling.
Oh, how beautiful. Song of songs 4:1

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