Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where is Poetry?

From whence comes inspiration?
And where is poetry
This the serious question
One day was asked of me
And without hesitation
I said from God of course
But now in contemplation
I could have said much more
For as I slowly waken
To greet another day
Before my eyes are open
I’m privileged to pray
To the great Creator
Of Heaven and of earth
This Holy Mediator
Gives this new day birth
Ah surely, surely this must be
A treasured bit of poetry

Then from my bed I hasten
To view dawn’s tender kiss
Where lawns and gardens glisten
In this solitary bliss
But here and there a feathered friend
Cannot contain its praises
As pinks and gold and purples blend
His heavenly glory blazes
Golden warmth melts shadow-lands
And deeper blues surrender
To the touch of Heavens hand
And daylights kiss so tender
Faintly in the morns dawning
A new-born baby cries
And mother smiles and softly sings
Her gentle lullabies
Ah surely, surely this must be
A treasured bit of poetry

The brilliant blossoms open wide
And soundlessly unfold
A seed so tiny, brown and dried
Is now a lily gold
And everywhere I turn to see
God’s magnificence
Ah, there is glorious poetry
In His omnipotence
As He opens up His hand
And showers blessing down
I simply cannot comprehend
The priceless wealth I own
As children's laughter, loving arms
Wrap their warmth around me
A thousand, thousand wondrous charms
Softly here surround me
Ah surely, surely you agree
Everywhere is poetry

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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