Friday, January 29, 2010


I am a lover of simple things
The gifts that simply living brings
Sunshine splashing on my face
Another day of His sweet grace
Gold butter-fly on purple bloom
Listening to the breezes tune
Whispering in the limbs above
Or humming nature’s song of love

I am a lover of simple things
Mother of the child who sings
Recipient of soft sticky hugs
Feathers, frogs and lady-bugs
Treasures from a wee lad’s hand
Discovering a world so grand
Delightedly, with joy he brings
The gifts unsurpassed, life’s simple things

Yes, I am a lover of simple things
The joy a beloved soul-mate brings
The gifts that can’t be bought or sold
But are more priceless far than gold
A gentle touch, a tender word
With these ah yes, my heart is stirred
With these I hear God’s angels sing
For I am a lover of simple things

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

May the glory of the Lord
endure forever. Ps. 104:31

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