Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Future

He was brown-haired and blue eyed
Rebel stare and grin wide
But I fell beneath his spell
When he said I’ll sing to you
His big specs nearly touched his chin
With big breath he began to sing
And heaven smiled upon the child
And on the song he knew

You are my sunshine,
My sunshine,my sunshine
Do you like this song of mine
My mommy teached to me?
I smiled at his gaze so blue
Yes my child I like it too
The song your mommy teached to you
Is lovely as can be

You are my future,
my future my future
Little boy do you know
That this is what I see
Your brown hair and blue eyes
Rebel stare and grin wide
Mothers little joy and pride
Is lucky as can be

For you are the future
The future, the future
Every dream that you dream
Could be reality
So dream while you’re singing
And sing while you’re dreaming
You are the future
Oh, won’t you sing to me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I was helping at school today I fell in love…..
With a little boy who had a tiny face and huge glasses…
Then he asked if he could sing me a song,
And did I like it???
‘cause his mommy ‘teached’ it to him.
He sang, You are my sunshine….

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