Monday, January 4, 2010

Stay in School

The poems I write are simple to read,
Cause I aint got no college degree,
A professor, I fear I would not delight
But when God speaks I try to write,
Scholars may snicker, perhaps even sneer,
But that won’t make me shed a tear,
The Lord put me where I am for a reason
An’ I aint gonna question, but just try and please Him

I don’t got as much book-learnin’ as I should get,
But He sure aint done teachin’ me yet,
An’ the lessons in the school that I am in
Can’t simply be written with paper an’ pen,
Some tests I fail an’ frustration cries
But my Teacher sez failure can make us wise,
So guess I’ll struggle a little longer,
My Teacher sez struggles make us stronger

Naw, I aint as smart as I’d like to be,
But my teacher don’t mark in A’s, B’s or C’s,
He’s more concerned ‘bout my hearts condition
An’ how I’ll fulfill my earthly mission,
His lessons I often too soon forget,
Guess that’s why He aint done teachin’ me yet,
So I’ll not question but keep on learnin’,
There’s a Book that records the marks I’m earnin’,

No I aint very wealthy or very wise
But I’m pretty special in my teacher’s eyes,
So don’t be a fool, obey all the rules,
Kids (of all ages) stay in school!!
Hey!!! Cool!!! Like, yeah, like that’s really like cool!!!:)

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I found myself stretching to my 'tippy-toes'
in my mind grasping at the things just
beyond my reach!!!!

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