Monday, January 4, 2010

I Believe....

I believe that fishing poles and little boys
Forever will go hand in hand
I believe that my bare toes
Were made for walking in the sand
I believe that little girls and giggles
Never will go out of style
And I believe love’s tender kiss
Is simply heaven in a smile

I believe with every new babe’s birth
Angel feathers drift down from the sky
And I believe that heaven on earth
Is a midnight garden in July
I believe in moments wasted
If they are in sunshine or in love
And I believe that I have tasted
More than my fair share of goodness from above

Oh I believe in many friends
And few that ever really understand
I believe that honor, truth and loyalty
Are the traits of a true man
I believe that I will never know
Just how truly vast and deep
Is the love that God poured out below
Until I touch His hands and feet

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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