Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's a Pretty Good Day

The bill we were waiting for
Came in the mail today
Twice as high as we had
Thought that it would be
The washer is still leaking
Though it had been ‘fixed’
Something still needs tweaking
I’ll try to do it just for kicks….
The sky is proudly sporting
Her winter coat of grey
But I’ve got to admit its still
A pretty good day

The mailman didn’t bring the letter
I’ve been waiting for
There’s a brand new Chevy
Parked at our neighbor next door
The house could use a cleaning
And I could use a nap
It would be nice if I could buy
Energy on tap
But I need to pick up the kids
For their hockey game
Oh yes I’ve got to admit
It’s still a pretty good day

So maybe I don’t like to hear
The truth from time to time
But when it comes from wiser youth
I simply nod and smile
And thank God that they’re healthy
With opinions of their own
Lord knows they’re gonna need them
After they are grown
And I will try to listen well
To all they have to say
God I want to thank you
It's a pretty good day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My true story of the day:):)

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