Thursday, January 7, 2010


What can I do then
To keep my mind from wandering
Back to the hour when
Its minutes were designed for squandering
On wind-swept hills
Or cabin-sills
Where silver moon-light
Softly spills
Upon a soundless night
Save for the wordless sigh
In the winds lullaby
As the power
Of its unwritten word
Leaves this summer heart
Sweetly stirred

What can I do then
To keep from pining
For the peaceful hour when
Summer and love intertwining
Find passion’s perfection
In the blue reflection
Of this soul-mates gaze
As its connection
Leaves me in a daze
For we cannot deny
That surely you and I
Have tasted a finer thing
Than friend-ships every-day offering

What can I say then
As I long for the day
And the sweet moment when
Winter and waiting pass away
Replaced by the tune
Of perfumed blooms
And grapes on the vine
As the silver moon
Breathes a grand design
On our living-room floor
Which was white before
But now at last is fresh and green
For summer and love have come again

All Rights Reserved;
Janet Martin

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