Saturday, January 9, 2010


Where I am going
I cannot take
Anything with me
No plans that I make
No luggage or baggage
At this destination
No treasure or trophy
Of my exploration
Yet it seems I insist
To carry with me
As much as I can
Though my ticket is free
I keep on my back
My prized possessions
For this faith that I lack
Needs compensation
Tangible evidence
Of my success
Trinkets to boast
Of my happiness
A harbor of tears
A mountain of sorrow
A sack full of fears
For my journey tomorrow
A journal to chart
My unanswered prayers
While deep in my heart
Is the vault of my cares….
Did not Jesus say
‘Come unto Me’
As He longs to set
Each traveler free
Does He not desire
That I leave at his feet
All I’ve acquired
In Him complete
For I will need nothing
At my journeys end
Except His love everlasting
My God, my Friend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Come unto Me, all you who are
weary and burdened and I will
give you rest. Matt.11:28

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