Monday, January 11, 2010


Now I remember what I want to tell you
The things I was going to say
Seems like I never quite said what I planned to
Why did I wait til today?
There always seemed to be some interference
Sometimes I was just plain afraid
Some days too busy, too proud or too lazy
But now it is just way too late

Now I remember what I should have told you
Today the words pour from my lips
Darling, I wish for just one day to hold you
Before time relentlessly slips
Why did I think there was always tomorrow
To say what I needed to say?
There is no comfort for me in my sorrow
I remember, but you’ve gone away

Darling, I love you and darling, I’m sorry
These are two things I would say
Darling, believe me and oh please don’t leave me
Lord, give us just one more day
Then if you take him I’ll still have forever
To remember what I can’t forget
Darling forgive me, I love you believe me
Lord, how can I bear this regret?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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