Monday, January 25, 2010

Slipping Away

Little pink mittens are slipping away
They waved at me from the bus today
But they are much bigger than they used to be
Soon those pink mittens will not wave to me
God, help me cherish each moment I’m in
Lest in vain longing Your love is unseen

Freckled cheek and face of tan
Lord, I love this little man
But he’s not as little as he used to be
Soon he will be much taller than me
As I watch my wee lad of yesterday
Softly, slowly slipping away

Little pink mittens and baseball caps
Precious mementos in memories wraps
Here amidst the muddle and mess
Lord, I’m a little ashamed to confess
Sometimes I miss your gifts of the day
Lord, let me see before they slip away.

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Every morning those pink mittens wave to me.
They all took their turn...
waving til they could no longer see mom.
We're down to the last one...
how many more waves, Lord?
I think I hear Him saying
'one year at a time, dear mother':)
or day at a time????

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