Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sometimes it seems to take a cross to make your servant strong,
Sometimes it seems to take a loss to help me sing Your song,
Sometimes it takes a higher hill to bring me close to you,
Whatever it is, I’ll trust Your will, I know You’ll see me through

Sometimes it seems to take the rain so I can see the sun,
Sometimes it takes the bitter pain to melt my heart of stone,
Sometimes it takes a tempest soar to make me hold Your hand,
To make me trust a little more though I don’t understand

Sometimes it takes great sacrifice to find the wealth I own,
And only when we pay its price Your deepest love is shown
It sometimes takes a walk through fire to bring a clearer shine,
It sometimes takes the bog and mire to find Your strength divine

Whatever it be through flood or flame or through the valley low,
Your love for me will be the same for You have promised so,
And though it sometimes takes a tear to help Your servant see,
Tis then I glimpse a love so dear; the love You have for me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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