Saturday, January 16, 2010


How can they learn with no one to teach them?
How can they know if they’ve never been told?
How can they be saved with no one to reach them?
To show them the door to the Great Shepherd’s fold,
How can they run when they can’t even stand?
Because no one has offered a helping hand,
How can they escape death and hell’s flame?
If they’ve never heard of Jesus’ name

And how can I stand idle on the corner of the street?
Can I dare to face my Maker and not have weary feet?
How can I turn a blinded eye to poor and needy souls?
And yet profess I’ve set my sights on lofty, heavenly goals,
Oh will I stop my ears so I can’t hear their hopeless cry?
Pick up my robes and cross the street, in haste pass quickly by?
Will I sing and praise God’s name and never yet re-tell
The story of a Savior’s love, a love I know so well?

Can I pray for the poor yet have nothing to give them?
Can I pray for the lost with no story to tell?
Can I pray they find life, yet throw nothing to save them?
Before they sink low to the depths of hell,
Can I pray they find hope, yet suffer no sorrow?
As in darkness they grope with no hope for tomorrow,
With my hands in my pocket and my feet standing still
Can I believe that I’m doing my Father’s will?

Will I stand up in Heaven and hope to find favor?
Lift empty hands to a most loving God,
Will I tell him I never reached out to my neighbor?
To tell of His love and the power in his blood,
Will I dare to face Him empty-handed?
With good intentions earthly-stranded,
Will I take His love but not give it away?
Will I look and not see and yet dare to pray? (repeat verse 2)

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How, then can they call on one they have not believed in?
And how can they believe in one whom they have not heard?
And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

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