Wednesday, January 20, 2010

John 3:16

For God, the Creator of Heaven and earth
The King of kings, life’s breath in each birth
So loved this sinful, wretched world
Each man and woman, boy and girl
That He gave; no, He was not taken by any man
But gave, for His ultimate, Sovereign plan
His one and only precious Son
So death’s battle could be won
For whosoever believes on Him
This Lord of lords and King of kings
Will never perish, though he was cursed
Has life within the Last and First
Everlasting life in Heaven above
All because a God so loved

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I read this verse today….
It is the first verse I memorized when
I was a little girl.
And some days it still over-whelms me!!!
Oh, what a God!
Oh, what love!

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