Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Have I Told You Lately....?

I’m thankful for the clear blue sky,
The laughing breeze, the butterfly
That wafts above the yellow and the blue…
I love the way the day dissolves
And the painting that evolves
As western skies bid one more day adieu
The smell of jasmine in the spring
A dusty summer evening
Midnight’s hush when all my work is through
But dearer far than all of this
Lord, is Your loving graciousness
Have I told you lately, I love You?

The laughter of a little child
The gale that blows so fierce and wild
The rainbow as it arches through the gray
I love soft whispers in my ear
From the lips of loved ones dear
And in that moment troubles melt away
I love the calm after the fight
Wandering in the pale moon-light
I love eyes that shine in crystal blue
But I love One far more than these
Blessed author of my peace
Lord, have I told You lately I love You

I love a cross all stained in red
I love the One who bowed His head
And loved us in our sinful hopelessness
I love the perfect thorn-pierced brow
And still I cannot grasp just how
He loved us more than our vast sinfulness
I love the words ‘God, it is done’
As death and victory become one
And sinful man can now be born anew
I love the crimson tears that fell
To save mankind from death and hell
O Lord, my God, how I love You

All Right Reserved
Janet Martin

He is my loving God and my
fortress, my strong-hold
and my deliverer,
my shield in whom I take refuge...Ps.144:2

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