Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not My Own

On my own I’m doomed to fail
An utter hopeless cause
When life’s cruel winds prevail
How great would be my loss
And when the clouds of bitter woe
Would crush me where I stand
I could not go where I should go
Without my Father’s hand

On my own my greatest wealth
Would be my foolish pride
My ignorance would be my fame
If You I have denied
I would have no hope at all
And truly be alone
The battle lost before it’s fought
If I were on my own

But because of Calvary
I’ll never be alone
Because of Christ’s blood shed for me
I am not my own
And so in spite of this world’s doom
And fear of the unknown
I can face each day with hope
For I am not my own

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Be ye therefore followers of God
as dear children; and walk in love as
Christ has loved us and has given himself for us an
offering and sacrifice to God.....Eph.5:1-2

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