Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've Said It All

If this was the last time I looked into your eyes,
Or the last time I watched you pull out of our drive,
If your last parting memory was my words in the hall
Would I be smiling peacefully because I’ve said it all?
Told you my ‘I love you’s and all my tender thoughts,
Given you my thank-yous for all the joy you’ve brought,
If I have no other chance to speak to you again
Would you thank God for our ‘dance’ or would you weep in pain?
“My dear, I need to tell you, so I just called to say
How very much I love you, hope you have a happy day”

If this were the last time I closed my eyes tonight,
If I awoke in Heaven would it give me sweet delight?
To know that on this earth below my love was not unspoken,
And often I would tell you so; then this could be your token
To comfort you with cherished thoughts as you would watch me sleeping,
You could speak of joy I brought there amidst your weeping,
So if I have a chance today to tell a loved one near me,
I’ll say those words I need to say and make sure that they hear me,
No, I won’t think…then maybe pause…today the Lord may call
Then I will smile in peace because I know I’ve said it all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It is so easy for me to think
that I tell 'them', I love you....
or do I love to think that I tell them????

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