Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Muse

You hover in
The dimly-lit recesses
Of my mind
Warm and indifferent
At the very
Same time
Your shadow
A ghost that will
Not stay away
Your mystery
A chill that
Invites me to stay
A stranger
A friend
A quiet smile
In the back
Of my mind
You are there
In a file
That is just
A breath,
A thought-click away
Making me wonder
How long
Will you stay?
I’ve never seen you
Just heard
Your heart-beat
In the hush
Of the night
Or the rush
Of the street
I’ve resigned
Myself to
Accept the thought
In the back of my mind
In that dimly-lit spot
There you are
And ever will be
My muse
My friend
My mystery……
Won’t you
Turn around?
So I can see
What shade of
Your eyes would be

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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