Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Missed You Today

I missed you today
You ignored my call
I whispered your name
You didn’t respond at all
I gave you a gift
But you turned your head
And chose to acknowledge
Someone else instead

I missed you today
We went out for lunch
But you never thanked me
Such a lively bunch
Of friends surrounded you
With gaiety
You left without once
Even noticing me

I missed you today
You’ve turned out your light
You never even paused
To whisper good-night
You didn’t breathe
A single prayer
I missed you today
Do you even care?

I missed you today
You are sound asleep
I’ll watch over you
And silently weep
I love you, my child
Forever, always
But I wish you knew
How I missed you today
Love, God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Have you ever REALLY missed someone?
Has Someone ever REALLY missed you????

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