Monday, January 18, 2010

Friends Again

Shadows from the past are hanging low again
The sky is overcast, it looks like pain
The thunder in the distant sounds its warning
It’s going to more pain again this morning

Waves crash heartlessly against the moorings
Good intentions lost within its current
As regret and heart-ache flow across my mind
I can’t seem to leave its flood behind

Somewhere between the loving and the living
Somewhere between the taking and the giving
Somewhere between the sun and shadow-blends
We’ve forgotten how to be just friends

The tight-rope where we balance isn’t very strong
We’ll be meeting in the middle before very long
Will it be a new beginning or a bitter end?
As we fall into the water will I be your friend?

God, You are the Father of compassion
You know the sun shines on beyond the crashing
Of the waves and angry torrents dark with pain
God, I know with You we will be friends again

You are hope and love that’s never-ending
Beyond the clouds another dream is waiting
You are the Healer of life’s bitter pain
God, with You I know we will be friends again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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