Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sea of Dreams

I stood there once, little girl, little girl
Not so very long ago
My dreams were as big as the world, little girl
Unhindered by fact or foe
Where stars were made for wishing
And wishes were made for free
Where moments were urged to pass as fast
As the waves on the big old sea
‘Cause all of my dreams were waiting, waiting
Across my childhood sea
Yes, all of my dreams were waiting, waiting
On the other side for me
As I stood on the shore of a big old world
Dreaming of what will be…..

I stand here now little girl, little girl
Oh, won’t you stand with me?
‘Cause you are my dream in this big old world
The crest of my wave on life’s sea
The star that once I wished upon
Is twinkling in your eye
The moments now I’m clinging to
That once I urged to fly
For all of my dreams are changing, changing
Sweeter because of you
And all of my dreams I hold in my hand
As we gaze at the sea so blue
For the other side is where I now stand
Beside my dream come true

Stand here and dream little girl, little girl
Oh, how I envy you
Dreaming your dreams as big as the world
And as vast as the sea so blue……

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

One way of dealing with
this cold weather....
look at summer photos :):)

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