Thursday, January 7, 2010

Childhoods Meadows

In childhood meadows time does not exist
Laughing and dancing in bare-foot bliss
Untainted and free from sorrow’s regret
Untouched by evil’s dark gauntlet
Unaware of their priceless freedom, they run
Through childhood meadows to the setting sun
We cannot go back there, you and I
We may stand and stare and wistfully sigh
But we are yesterday’s children now
With aching back and weary brow
Tending the garden of our chosen sorrows
Planted while heedless of our unseen tomorrows
So let them run and laugh and dance
Soon too they’ll pass the phantom fence
To stand with spectators on the other side
Pondering the moment of the great divide
Gone forever, its freedom and flowers
Joining the ranks in a world marked by hours
Marching to the beat of duty’s drum
Remembering the sweetness of youth’s freedom
Pausing in reverie now and then
To recall the meadows that once they lived in

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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