Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Horror to Heaven

If man would have a front-row seat
To view my heart and mind
With thoughts arranged all nice and neat
I’d wish they all were blind
‘Twould truly be a horror show
How pale would be each face
For now each one would truly know
The depths of my disgrace

And I would never lift my head
In shame my hands I’d clasp
Their judgment calls my daily dread
As I recall each gasp
Of horror, hatred and disgust
As they would turn away
Ashamed to view the pride and lust
So boldly on display

But there is One who knows each thought
And intent of my heart
Yet with His love and blood He bought
For me a brand new start
Instead of judgment there is grace
In every day I live
So with a tear upon my face
I cry and He forgives

(last verse optional)

No longer bound by sin and shame
His grace is ever new
His greatest promises I claim
Each day His mercy too
So humbly now I lift my head
And look up to the skies
And thank Him for the blood He shed
And my eternal prize

Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

....for he bore the sin of many
and made intercession for the
transgressor. Isa.53:12

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