Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Secret

Betcha didn’t think I’d notice
With that twinkle in your eye
And the little glow of mischief
As you softly tiptoed by….
Bet you’re thinkin’ that I’m thinkin’
You’re a mighty little man
So just between the two of us
I’ll keep our secret if I can

Bet you’re thinkin’as you’re reaching
For the stars, the clouds, the moon
That before so very long
You’ll be a big tough man real soon
And that’s why you keep saying things
That you hear ‘big guys’ say
I know, it’s our secret
So I’ll try to keep it that way

Yeah, you’re so tough and strong and cool
You’re the leader of the gang
Well, almost…and you would be
But you sorta like it here at home
So I will keep our secret
You’re tough and have no fear
‘Cause you and I both know it…
You're just a great big teddy-bear

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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