Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Excuse Me, Kind Sir

Excuse me kind sir, but would you mind
If I sat next to you for a little while
The day is warm and the weather is kind
And I couldn’t help but notice your smile
Is it something I did or something I said?
Did I amuse you in some secret way?
The old man slowly shook his head
As he brushed a sudden tear away

When I saw you there, he softly replied
I just couldn’t help but recall
The days when my darling was still at my side
The very best days of all….
Oh, she was my laughter on a grey afternoon
She was the sun in my sky
She was my partner as we danced ‘neath the moon
In a midnight lullaby

She was my right hand, my left hand too
She was my east and my west
She was the one that I could turn to
When life was a cruel test
She was my rose in December’s garden
My warmth in the driving snow
So, my dear girl, I beg your pardon
But I simply thought you aught to know….

If you have a lover, go, tell him you love him
Tomorrow may be too late
You too can be the sunshine above him
His rose on the garden-gate
For soon, too soon we dance our last number
And the melody fades away…
Excuse me kind sir, but I need to be leaving
There’s something that I need to say

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

ok, maybe there is a bit of a 'theme' of late...
'tell them, don't just think it!!!'
Sometimes i think that I think i tell my loved
ones how I feel when reality is...i just think it!!!

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