Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strong Enough

Lord, when I’m determined to do things on my own
When I ignore your mercy and the goodness you have shown
When I think I’m strong enough; forget to hold Your hand
Soon it seems I need your loving arm to help me stand….

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
When I’m too weak to say no
Gird me with Your tender love
Lord, until I’m strong enough

Lord, when I’m determined to take the harder way
Against my better judgment, foolishly I stray
And soon the sorrow of my sin draws me to Your love
As I cry, Jesus, hold me until I’m strong enough

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
For you know I love you so
Oh my Lord, without Your love
I never could be strong enough

Out of my barren desert where temptation led astray
Into Your arms Lord Jesus, lift me as I pray
Out of sin and darkness into Your hope and love
Only there my Savior, will I be strong enough

Oh my Lord, oh don’t let go
‘Round me demons ebb and flow
But within Your arms of love
There I will be strong enough

Forgive me Lord, if I let go
Jesus loves me this I know
For You wrap me in Your love
Where I can be strong enough

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

God is our refuge and strength.
A very present help in trouble. Ps. 46:1

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