Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Smile....

I knew the day would come, I suppose
When you’d be as gone as the wind that blows
An echo of laughter, a shadow cast
Upon the pasture of my past
Unaware that you stole the red from my rose
As my heart and soul became enmeshed with yours
Yet I knew all along in the back of my mind
Someday you’d be gone while I stay behind

I knew that someday you would simply be
A colorful ray in my history
An echo, a twinkle to taunt me long after
As I would recall our good times and laughter
But I didn’t know you would steal the blue
From my sky; or I’d feel like a part of you
Stayed behind; to comfort and torment me once in a while
As something reminds me of you…….and I smile

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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