Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Priceless Summer

There’s a price set on the summer
That this world cannot afford
No matter if we gathered
All the gold this world has stored
It’s a price set by the flowers
By the trees and birds that sing
And money cannot buy the hours
Where paupers can be kings

Who could buy a balm so pure
Or fresher than a breeze
Scented with the sweet allure
Of blossom-laden trees
And as we hear the symphony
From shady woodlands spill
It dulls the clanging harmony
That these world’s stages fill

Regardless of what we create
However rich and fine
We cannot touch the honored state
Of oak tree or of pine
And as the azure sky of day
Melts in a glorious mist
Tis but a fool who still would say
That God does not exist

I have yet to see a man
Whose beauty could compare
To the fields of God’s design
Or roses pure and fair
So if until the end of time
Great men may ever try
I thank God the price of summer
Is a price man cannot buy

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Everyone has their own style
of coping with winter, okay?
Mine is............
...dreaming of summer:):)

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