Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You Will

If life has not dealt cards of woe
To curse your weary mile
If you have never met the foe
Which robs you of your smile
If you have never borne defeat
In winds of tidings ill
Or yearned for fairer pastures sweet
You will

If you’ve never worn the sorrow
Of a deep and hidden hurt
Or watched dreams of tomorrow
Crumble sadly in the dirt
If you have yet to feel the slash
Of cold betrayals chill
And carry in your heart its gash
You will

If you’ve never knelt beside life past
With no tears left to weep
Or fought the shadow doubts have cast
When you could not sleep
If you have never climbed alone
A long and lonesome hill
To find the summit is a stone
You will

If you have not relinquished
A loved one that you clasp
Or seen life’s breath extinguished
As they perish in your grasp
If you have never spilled your grief
When nights are deep and still
To find there is no quick relief
You will

If you have never bowed your head
To recognize your loss
Without the freedom of blood shed
Upon a cruel cross
If you have never touched the hand
That bore the cruel nail
Or kissed the feet which help you stand
You will

All rights reserved
Janet Martin

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