Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Time, you're fleeting as the wind
A breath and then you’re gone
Time, I beg of you, be kind
She is so very young
And as I gaze into the eyes
That sparkle with a dream
I begin to realize
A distant echoing…..

‘Mommy, won’t you hold my hand
Oh, mommy tie my shoes
Mommy, I’m a princess grand
No, I’m a kangaroo
Oh, mommy help draw my name
Mommy, can we sing?”
Oh, can we play another game…?
Tender echoing

Time, you are a heartless foe
Nay, you are a friend
I hold on and I let go
A tug-of-war within
I urge you on and pull you back
‘Cause it’s a cold, cold world
It seems too big and heartless
For my little baby girl

‘Mommy I am nine today
Oh mommy I’m so tall’
She does not hear the echoing
Within my hallowed wall
Mommy dear, I love you
“Oh babe, I love you too”
And down the shady corridor
The echo…I love you, love you, love you….

...as I smile and bake a birthday cake

Happy Birthday, precious...

Happy 9th (golden) Birthday Tori, love, mom.

It is fitting that Tori's B-day (her golden)
was hot and sunny.
Nine years ago we had a BLIZZARD!!!
Today Mom got a SUN-BURN!!! Very HOT
today..on a south-facing deck, anyhow:):)
A tropical island cake completed our summer-theme.

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Janet Martin

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