Friday, March 5, 2010


Chocolate and skittles melt on my tongue
So does your name, if I just hold on…..
The warmth of a smile or the dew of a kiss
A comforting shawl in the grey of the mist

The breath of a whisper, the strain of a song
The thrill of a dance to keep my heart young
The taste of a memory on the tip of my mind
The scent of love in a form well-defined

The brush of your fingers so soft on my skin
The echo of laughter beyond the cold wind
The glow of a candle like a flickering prayer
A symphony born in the cool night air

The tick of a clock at one a.m.
The sigh of a heart and a restless whim
The crash of the waves on a distant cove
The bitter-sweet taste of the lonely in love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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