Monday, March 22, 2010

Me 'n Alan (Tribute to Alan Jackson)

*Chasin’ Neon Rainbows,
*Riding Buicks to the Moon,
*Midnight in Montgomery
Or *Rainy Days in June
I’ve been there with you….

I’ve *‘Walked on the Rocks you stumbled on’
*Thanked God For the Radio
I’ve *‘Gone Crazy when *Hurtin’ Came Easy
But you simply said, *There Ya Go
and so I did....

When you said *I’ll Try, well I did too
And I whispered, *I’ll Go on Lovin’ You
Singing songs like *Livin’ on Love
*I Wish I Could Go Back and *Strong Enough
You helped me through

*Like Red on a Rose, aw,* Don’t Change on Me
*Everything I Love and *Farewell Party
*Wanted and *Dallas and *Must’ve Had a Ball
And *Who Says You Can’t Have it All?
So I keep on believing....

*A Woman’s Love for *The Little Man
I’ve held it *Right In The Palm of My Hand
*I’ve Climbed the Walls *In a House with No Curtains
*Listened To my Senses in *A Tropical Depression
*If Love was a River.....yes, I would

*Remember When? Oh, I sure do
And *You Are Right Where I Want You
*Too Much of a Good Thing, *Bring on the Night
*Working Class Hero, *That’d Be All right
and it turns out, it was....

*I remember where I was When the World Stopped Turnin’
*You Don’t have to Paint me a Picture of those towers burnin’
An’ I’ve seen a *Bluebird fly away
And we’re all *Works in Progress, we’ll get there *Someday
*When Love Comes ‘Round…..

*Softly and Tenderly, *I’ll Fly Away
*It’s All About Him and *What a Day Yesterday
*Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus and *Summertime Blues
And *I want to Stroll Over Heaven With You
I’ve sung every single one of these with you

Tonight is rainy, bleak and cold
But Alan, your voice is liquid gold
And *Here in the Real World I know one thing
*If I could I Would Love You All Over Again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

*the title of a song of his

Okay..I’m an *Itty Bitty Jackson fan.
I esp. like his ballads. The only reason
I’m writing this is because the count-down
Is on for Mar. 30th. Release date for Freight Train
and because I thought it would be fun:):)

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