Monday, March 1, 2010

Reaching For You

Through the whisper of the midnight
To the dawning of the day
In the quiet of the morning
Through the tempest and the fray
In the bitter disappointment
Or in triumph’s brief respite
I’ll keep reaching for you
Ruler of the day and night

In the murmur of the ocean
Or the whisper of the pine
In the crashing of the timber
Or the crumbling dream of mine
In the hour of my sorrow
Or the shifting of the tide
I’ll keep reaching for you
In Your love my hopes abide

In Your love I have a solace
In Your love is no defeat
In Your love lies grander purpose
Than the fleeting bitter-sweet
So I’ll keep reaching for You
Healer, Comforter divine
In Your loving arms of mercy
You will keep this heart of mine

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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