Thursday, March 25, 2010

He Loves Me

He knows that in the heart of me
There dwelleth no good thing
He knows that every part of me
Is very prone to sin
He knows each time I flee the test
And join the enemy
But still He gives His very best
He loves me

There is no deed that I have done
Which He has not seen
But by the power in the Son
He has washed me clean
And though I disappoint Him still
I’m wretched as can be
He forgives my stubborn will
He loves me

He loves me even when I fail
And cause His heart to break
A stronger passion than my will
Gives grace to my mistake
And as I meet His tender gaze
I’m awe-struck as can be
My life is filled with worth because
He loves me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This is a song I learned
when I was a wee girl

God sees the little sparrow fall
It meets His tender view
If God so loves the little birds
I know He loves me too!

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