Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Gonna Love You...Anyway

He was seventeen and angry
At his life and at the world
What he said to his mother
Were just bitter words he hurled
As he turned to slam the door
He heard his mother say
When no one loves you anymore
I’m gonna love you….anyway

She was sad and broken –hearted
He had swept her off her feet
She thought they never would be parted
As he whispered words so sweet
But he rode into the sunset
On his steed of silver-grey
And a memory she cannot forget
She’s gonna love him…. anyway

On a cold and loveless hill-side
‘Neath a dark and angry sky
As a cruel cross was lifted
Hatred turned to hear love cry
“Oh, My Father, please forgive them”
Were the words they heard Him say
“They don’t know what they are doing
I’m gonna love them…… anyway”

So if you have been thinking
That perhaps this life’s unfair
That no one understands you
Or much less even cares
There is One who knows your sorrow
Hears each whispered word you say
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
He’s gonna love us…anyway

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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