Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Poems/Song Lyrics

Palm Sunday
Lay down your best garments, make way for your King,
O, raise up your voices and joyfully sing,
Praise Him for the mighty works that He has done,
Hail Him blessed King, hail Him, mighty One!

So raise up your voices and joyfully shout,
For if we are silent the stones will cry out!
Raise up your voices and hail your great King,
Let all of God's people lift their voices and sing.

Hosanna, Hosanna! Blessed be the King
Who comes in the name of the Lord!
Our lips will not be silent
For you've told us in Your word
If we should cease Your praises
The stones will then cry out!
So, from the dungeons to the mountains,
Let all Your people shout!

Hosanna in the highest, O, most blessed art Thou,
Hosanna to the Son of David, Will you join us now?
Blessed is the King of kings who cometh in His name!
Hosanna! Glory to the Lord and peace in earth and Heav'n..

O, let us not be silent, let all His people shout,
Lest we forget and then the stones would instantly cry out!
For His great Name, He will be praised and His will be done,
And His praises, if they must, will rise up from the stones.

O, what if we were silent and the stones would then cry out?
Never, Lord, no never! Let all His people shout!
Hosanna in the highest and hail our mighty King!
Forever and forever triumphantly we'll sing!

Praise Him! Praise Him! For all that He hath done,
Praises to the Father and praises to the Son!
King of kings and Prince of Peace,
We'll never let Your praises cease!
Lest the rocks should cry out, lest the rocks should cry out!
Let His people shout , let His people shout.

The Lord's Supper
Take, eat, this is my body,
My body which is broken for You,
Drink this cup and remember the blood,
The blood that I shed for you,
For as many as share the bread and the cup
To remember me ‘til I come,
With Me someday will joyfully sup
In yonder Heavenly home.

But tonight you all will scatter
as a flock of wandering sheep.
Because of Me, you will be offended,
In fear and sorrow weep.
Tonight one of you will betray me,
His disciples begin to cry,
In disbelief they ask Him,
Is it I, Lord, is it I?

They search His face in sorrow
As they lean upon His knee,
Tonight you all will leave me,
He repeats so tenderly,
But Peter rises to His feet
His Master to defy,
And Peter turns to Jesus
And this was his reply....

(next read Peter’s reply)

Peter's Reply (his love song to Jesus)
I love you, Lord, I love You,
O, my Lord, don't you know
How deeply I love you
Or how far I would go?
To prove my devotion
Would take all of my days,
My lips will not cease
To utter Your praise.

Cause my love's like a river that never runs dry,
It's as bright as the twinkle in a young lovers eye,
It's as high as the heavens and as deep as the sea,
Such, O, my Lord, is my love for Thee.

I would walk through a desert of burning sand,
If that's where You lead me I'll hold Your hand,
To the top of a mountain, my Lord, I would trod,
For Jesus, I believe You're the Son of God.

I'll go to prison if You ask me to,
Anything You desire, my Lord, I will do,
Though all others leave You, never will I,
For You, my dear Lord, I would even die.

But I could never, no never, no never leave You,
Cause I love You, I love You, You know that I do,
Forever and ever, my whole life through,
I love You! I love You! My Lord, I love You!

Peter’s Denial
Hey! You over there by the fire,
I think that I have seen you
with that Jesus of Nazareth man,
Are you one of them too?

"I don't know Him, I don't know Him!
Oh, I do not understand
exactly what you're saying
for I DO NOT know this man!"
Cock crows.....

There he is! He's one of them,
Say! You're from Galilee,
I believe that I've seen you with Him
And your speech betrayeth thee!

"I don't know Him! I don't know Him!
Oh, how can you say
that I am also one of them
When I've first seen Him today?"

Hey, sir! Are you with Jesus?
I say! You're one of them!
You walk like Him, you talk like Him,
You are Gal-il-ean!

"I don't know Him! I don't know Him!
Hey! I will even swear
I have never in my lifetime
seen this man anywhere!"
Cock crows two more times.....

..........and Peter remembers his love song to Jesus,
and Peter weeps bitterly.

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