Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Even Nature Cried

Lightening flashes, thunder roars
As earth its righteous wrath outpours
Mountains tremble, break in two
Just as if creation knew…….
Their Creator has died, even nature cried
For the deed that was done
To God’s only Son

In the temple, what a sound,
An eager angel reaches down,
Rends that holy veil in two,
And cries there’s no more need for you……
And the angels cried
For the One who died,
Can’t you hear them sob
For the Son of God?

One sacrifice, once for all,
As those scarlet blood-drops fall,
There will never, ever be
Another offering for me,
And the Father cries
As His dear Son dies,
Paying sins price,
Perfect sacrifice

One sacrifice, once for all,
Lifted high so man may call
Upon the name of His dear Son,
Salvation’s gift for everyone,
And the mountains fall
Because once for all
Their Creator has died,
Even nature cried

Janet Martin

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