Friday, March 12, 2010

To One in Love

The blue-bells bloom a little bluer
To the one who is in love
And the cares of life are fewer
As the shadows from above
The melody of twilight
Or the cooing of the dove
Or the whisper of the midnight
Is more clear to one in love

The hour is far longer
And the pain is more intense
But the ties of love are stronger
Than the hunger and suspense
As I wait for your returning
Endless minutes trickle by
But it simply feeds the yearning
And the love-light in my eye

The wait is worth the wanting
And the end is worth the miles
I absorb the pleasant taunting
Of your easy laugh and smiles
As I look beyond the sorrow
To the moonlight from above
There is hope in each tomorrow
For the one who is in love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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