Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Coral Glow

I long to wander in the coral glow,
In the waning light as the breezes blow,
As I hear the music mellow and sweet
Of a subtle tango on a distant street....

And its haunting lilt wraps me in its shroud
As it carries me away on a silver cloud
To its rhythmic pulse my heartbeat yields
As I ride through time over pastel fields.......

His silhouette 'gainst the western sky
Plays with the gaze of my hungry eye
He draws me, spinning in a velvet trance
Like a mystic lover in a phantom dance

Softly the silent and the sweet combine
Vaguely carried on the sands of time
Borne by the fragrant winds of love
Flowing like a river from the skies above.......

Now the scent of desire is a heady bloom
Kissing with the passion of a bride and groom
Mingling with the tender, forgotten tears
Flooding back the memories of the faded years…

It started as a stream but the flow grew deeper
The tango was a river and its banks grew steeper
On the soft marshmallow of my cloud above
I floated on a rainbow down the river of love.

Then bathed in a prism of crystal spray
And caressed by the music’s gentle sway
There blossomed the rain- tree where we would dream
Beneath summer leaves by this rushing stream

And there in the midst of the coral glow
A wave of euphoria beset me so
My beating heart set my spirit free
For he was standing there....... smiling at me!

Framed in a symphony of golden rays
I was hypnotized by his azure gaze
Caught in a trance of insanity
As my blue-eyed angel beckoned to me

Somewhere on the edge of me my feet are walking
I listen to my whisper but it’s not me talking
I’m drowning in this tango like it’s all I’ve got
Our bodies move closer as the air gets hot........

My stolen inhibitions are beyond all care
I watch his body glisten in the saturated air
I meld into the passion of his rugged charms
When suddenly there’s nothing but my empty arms!

Alas! The dream is ended...... I awake at last
To find that he has faded from my longing grasp
But painted on the sunrise........ in its coral glow
Lay the soft and subtle footprints of my last tango.

© 2010 Janet Ruth Martin/ Rod Walford

Rod Walford is a published New Zealand poet.
To see the beautiful poetic works of Rod Walford
you may use the link on
the side of this page.

Rod, I would like to thank you for the privilege
of writing with someone of your caliber.

I have never co-written with anyone! You were a
pleasure to write with and an excellent teacher!
Thank-you for the invitation to co-write.....

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