Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Standin’ in the middle of nowhere baby
Feelin’ the wind in my hair wonderin’ maybe
What you’re doin’ where you are,
Let’s be wreckless, jump in your car
And drive til we know where we are

Standin’ in the middle of a thousand memories
Spinning on a carousel of sand and green leaves
Can’t get off, don’t really want to
Until I can touch you, kiss you, see you
Again ….

Standin’ in the middle of the past and the future
Hearin’ the laughter like we used to
Maybe, baby, there’s a change in the weather
And we could ride this carousel together
Again ….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Blame this crazy ditty on Keith Urban!!!
I absolutely love the song 'Til Summer Comes Around!!!
(Defying Gravity cd)
It touches me in all the right places...
know what I mean????
The girls borrowed the CD from
the library, but mom's 'borrowed' it
from the girls:):):)

Well, back to window-cleaning...
The one thing about this bright sun,
reveals dirty windows!!!!
But me'n Keith we'll get through it!! Oh Yeah!!!

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