Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too Soon

He walked along beside me
My boy, not quite a man
But as he spoke a part of me
Reluctantly began
To admit the day was coming
And was not too far away
When I’d recall a night like this
A precious yesterday

God, I am his mother
You are the only One
Who can see how much I love him
My dear and only son
Too soon the day is coming
When he’ll stand among the men
Let me cherish every moment now
I can’t go back again

I can’t hold back the minutes
As they trickle through my hands
But I can take a picture
Of our footprints in the sand
And I’ll walk a little slower
Paint a picture in my mind
For childhood is an hour
That too soon is left behind

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I find that walking in the evening with my children
is one of life's ....I'm not sure what to call it...
I guess one of it's greatest, simplest pleasures.
Matthew, Victoria and I had such an evening tonight.
And as Matt walked, he talked, and it really hit me how fast he is
growing past being a kid.....his responses are more thought out,
he notices things he never used to...about a lot of stuff
and I know I am watching a boy growing into a man.
Lord, teach me what to teach him!!!!!

Victoria is still very much the ceaseless chatter-box!!!
It will change, I know it...then again, maybe not,
The old saying is..there are no two alike, right?:)

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