Friday, March 5, 2010

Heaven's Broom

I see it all around me
Shattered fragments of a day
Its vile contamination
Makes me want to run away
The filth is over-whelming
And I think that I should hide
As I see the dirt and squalor
Of my wickedness and pride
I despise the look of envy
As it turns a heartless eye
And the sight of all my hatred
Truly makes me want to cry
There are words best left unspoken
But I see them on the street
With the taunting of my failures
And my castles of defeat
The remnants of my anger
And the echoes of my curse
Make me turn away in anguish
Why, it really is much worse
Than I had anticipated
And I fall upon my face
For the fruit of my endeavors
Are but offerings of disgrace
I lift my eyes to Heaven
As I begin to pray
He whispers, you’re forgiven
And He sweeps it all away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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