Monday, March 1, 2010

I Was Going To Say......

I was going to say I’m sorry
And I’d like for you to leave
Don’t let the screen-door hit you
As your jacket you retrieve
I was going to say it would be better
If you’d never call
That some days I just wish
I’d never heard your name at all……..

I was going to say it’s been a slice
Now kindly say good-by
And I'm not going to say it twice
Dang dirt got in my eye
And I was going to tell you
That I can’t recall your name
So you won’t need to worry
I’m not placing any blame….

I was going to say there’s better things
That I have found to do
Than hanging ‘round and wishing
I had never heard of you
I can think of quite a lot of things
That I was going to say
But when I opened up my mouth
All I said was, “Stay”

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

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