Tuesday, March 16, 2010


She still can feel the sun-kissed sand
So warm beneath her back
The gentle whisper of your hand
The sky so lush and black
Although it’s been long hours ago
Since she has sat with thee
To watch the evening melt into
The skyline of the sea

She leaves her fresh and youthful glow
Upon life’s shifting sand
Through ballads murmured keen and low
She wields a faithful hand
But if perhaps she shifts her gaze
To hide a lingering truth
Tis simply that beyond this haze
She hears a song of youth

For as the sun begins to dip
And wane across the sky
A subtle smile plays on her lip
Within this lullaby
The sand is warm beneath her feet
An hour is forever
Her beauty soft, your kiss so sweet
And love a raging river….

….yet in her pensive reverie
There is no hint of anguish
For life must its own ballad be
In tones that dare not languish
But if the gloaming eventide
Could offer her a chance
She’d draw you to the ocean’s side
And dance…..and dance…..and dance

All rights reserved
Janet Martin

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