Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The spectre of my guilt and sinful greed
This longest night remains in silence still
As trembling fingers in my hour of need
Are sacrificed upon a Holy hill
The shadow of the Cross before me stands
Drenched with the ebbing life-blood of my King
I solemnly behold His outstretched hands
For many sons to glory they shall bring.
I scarce can comprehend His fading prayer
His breath, upon my vain and selfish face
As love and sorrow flow upon me there,
Anoints me with His sweet amazing grace
Through Him my wilted spirit is renewed
And I am clothed with robes of righteousness
My vain, rebellious nature is subdued
As He forgives my wretched sinfulness.
O Lord, I rest my head upon your heart
And feel myself within your arms entwined
As soft your touch does on my soul impart
The tranquil peace I have so long for pined.
And should I feel your blessing on my prayer
To vanquish sorrow’s dew upon my brow
And cause your Holiness to linger there
Then I would bear this pain again somehow….
No thanks that I could offer would suffice
Nor any gift of measure could I bring
As humbly I accept His sacrifice
Redemption in the shed blood of our King.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin and Rod Walford

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